Current Group Classes Description

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Pilates FoCuS Mat (Form/Core/Stabilization)  

Pilates based group class utilizing foam rollers to build an awareness and connection to deep core stabilizing muscles in a focused fun format. 

Equipment: Mat,  Foam Roller (Roller recommended, but optional) 

Special note: This is a bare foot class. Recommended roller is OPTP Pro-Roller Green Marble - Round 36. 


DANCEALATES® is a flowing, energizing workout that combines core principles of Pilates with the strengthening, lengthening and toning techniques found in traditional jazz and ballet barre workouts.

Equipment: Mat, (overball and band supplied) 

Special note: This is  barefoot class. Show tunes will be played during class.

 MVE Pilates Chair Class  

Pilates  group class  on Peak Pilates MVE Chair. Taught at Westside YMCA for Y members as well as non-Y members. Classes are taught in an 8 week session under YMCA pricing. 

Equipment: MVE Pilates Chairs

Pilates FoCuS and DANCEALATES®   Westside/Harlem YMCA for Members only. 

If interested in setting up your own group class please reach out to Mike for pricing.