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 I was born and raised in the Bronx by two hard working second generation Americans with the help of my maternal grandparents and two older sisters.  I have a BFA in Theatre Studies from Boston University School for the Arts. As a proud member of Actors' Equity Association, I have toured nationally, and worked under Off-Broadway, LORT and  TYA Contracts. I am the New York City Press Mascot for a globally loved character that has given me the opportunity to perform at some pretty cool events such as throwing the first pitch out and Mets game, walking the runway at NY Fashion week, ringing the bell at the Stock exchange and being a guest on multiple television shows. As a Dramatist Guild Member, my plays have been performed at Lower East Side Festival at Theater for the New City and other Festivals around the New York City area.

In March of 2015, I founded The PlayGround Experiment and now act as its Artistic Director/Curator. Our mission The PlayGround Experiment is a fun forum for theatre artists to explore, test, and showcase new work while finding inspiration and support from the community that it creates. Playwright/Actor relationships thrive here in a safe, inclusive environment, strengthened by diversitythat enables each to find structure, heart, and truth, which encourages growth beyond The PGE..  

I asked friends and collegues  to describe my plays, my acting and me in three words.  (Some of the quotes under my photos) Someone used more than three, "fast talking New York Jewish Leprechaun".   I loved that one and it made me laugh.  I mean, I do talk fast and I am from New York,  and I am Jewish, "OY" and I guess if you treat me nice and rub my belly , "I might tell ya where me Pot o gold is" . But seriously, the most interesting revelation of asking others, is the commonality I found with me as a playwright and as an actor and person. Strangely, I never thought there was a connection between them. But how can there not be, they are all extension of me.  A bit dark, a bit quirky, with a touch of fantastic reality sprinkled in. 




Unique, Quirky, Heartfelt
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